Our history, our future

TALEX was founded in Tajima, Osaka—the birthplace of eyeglass lenses in Japan. We are the only lens manufacturer in the world that specializes exclusively in polarized lenses.

We have been making eyeglass lenses for over 70 years, and have been developing new polarized lenses and lens materials for over 40 years.

At TALEX, we never use mass-production processes in our plastic manufacturing, such as injection or press bending thermoplastic material. We use the monomer casting method to create our lenses, making them optically superior. We use iodine compounds to color our lenses, making them brighter and clearer. We use our original 'noisy light-cutting filter' to polarize our lenses, making them the best polarized lenses in the world.

We just can't stop striving to develop new technologies, new techniques, and new ways to make a better lens.

Tamura Lens Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (later TALEX) founded in Tajima, Osaka, Japan Began production of lenses for reading glasses
Began production of lenses for sunglasses
Recognized as one of Japan's most promising companies for international exporting
Began production of polarized lenses
Developed and produced the world's first spherical glass polarized lenses
Developed and produced the world's first spherical plastic polarized lenses
Received the prestigious Soko Kyokujistu Award for Achievement
Officially designated as the sunglass lenses for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games
Increased exports for use in various sunglass brands in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia
Developed and produced the world's first glass polarized lenses able to cut UV 400 rays over 99%
Developed and produced the world's first plastic photochromic polarized lenses
Opened our first domestic retail shop, TALEX Proshop & Showroom, to cater directly to our customers
Released the patented lens coloring 'True View', which creates a more naturalized vision
Extended domestic marketing by introducing the TALEX Proshop System, to offer direct sales for eyeglass retailers and to expand knowledge of sunglass lenses to customers
Began research and development of impact resistant lenses with new materials
Released ‘CACCHU'—our ultra high-impact resistant polarized lens, providing superior impact resistance with no distortion
Independent research team at Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine found TALEX lenses effectively reduced eye fatigue
Participated in the 2009 International Optical Fair in Tokyo, Japan (IOFT)
Released Mo’Eye Gray and Mo’Eye Brown (VLT 75%, Polarization 20%)
Released sunglasses collaborated with BMW Japan
Osaka City evaluation revealed that city bus drivers wearing TALEX polarized lenses reported significantly reduced eyestrain as well as related neck and shoulder strain
Released high-index 1.60 aspherical single vision and aspherical progressive
Multi-focal lenses
Released high-index 1.60 spherical single vision lenses
Released sunglasses collaborated with DAIWA Fishing
Supported Japanese alpinist Mr. Yuichiro Miura to reach summit of Mt. Everest at his age of 80 by providing special polarized glasses
Released high-index 1.60 aspherical free form progressive multi-focal
Supported the 55th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
Released sunglasses collaborated with KEN OKUYAMA and CAR GRAPHIC
Released sunglasses collaborated with STI
More peaceful and comfortable in your daily life.
Released new colors “Peace series” (VLT 50%, Polarization 50%)
Released a new color “Mo’Eye Purple” in Mo’Eye series
Comfortable brightness with high precision three-dimentionality
Released a new color “Luster Orange”
Controlling colors, accentuating an outline and presence
Released a new color “Airy Purple”
Mounting five functions to protect human eyes at the most grueling place in the world --- Released “Everest Orange” (VLT 6%, Polarization 99%)
Released sunglasses collaborated with SUBARU
Released high-index 1.60 aspherical free form progressive multi-focal in 6 base (designed for far vision / near vision)
Released high-index 1.60 aspherical free form progressive multi-focal(designed for mid vision / near vision)
Participated in the 2015 International Optical Fair in Tokyo, Japan (IOFT)
Supported Porsche Sport Driving School of japan by providing sunglasses
Improved coatings for plano and Rx (added ultra super hydrophobic coating)
Released sunglasses collaborated with UTOOL (produced by Yuto Nagatomo)

Company Profile

Company Name TALEX Co., Ltd.
Headquarters / Tajima Office
4-4-38, Tajima, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, 544-0011, Japan
Imagawa Office
5-1-32,Imagawa , Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0003, Japan
Founded on May 1, 1938
President Hiroo Tamura
Shinzo Tamura
E-mail to trading@talex.co.jp