Over 60% of proceddes by handmade!

Tajima, Osaka is the birthplace of eyeglass lens making in Japan. It is here in Tajima that TALEX was born, over 70 years ago.
We have always manufactured only one thing: eyeglass lenses, And we have always manufactured in only one way:
with careful attention to every single lens we make. We call it only one' manufacturing, and it's a hallmark of TALEX.
Products 'made exclusively by TALEX are recognized as first-class around the globe.

TALEX has always searched for the highest quality without outsourcing.

We have produced over 1.5 million pairs of polarized lenses in our Imagawa factory. Every step of the manufacturing process —film dyeing, film curving, gasket molding, lens casting, hard coating and inspection— is performed by our own in-house employees. We don't outsource, because we want to maintain the highest quality. Even our production equipment is unique to TALEX— we designed and modified most of our machines ourselves. And we continue to apply our passion and expertise to every step of our process for making truly superior polarized lenses.

No one can duplicate TALEX's superior technology for producing polarized lenses.

Mass-produced polarized lenses are made by sandwiching a polarizing filter between two supporting layers of polymer plastic, which is then curved into a 'lens shape' and laminated between layers of lens material. This makes polymer plastic lenses optically very poor, with pronounced distortion. Looking through an inferior plastic polarized lens reveals its anomalies —uneven or weak polarization, and wavy distortions.

TALEX's core technology for making polarized lenses is entirely unique, and inimitable. We start with our incredibly thin (0.03mm) 'noisy light-cutting' polarizing filter, which we laminate directly between two layers of the highest optical quality lens material. This produces a superior polarized lens that's both extremely light and stunningly clear, with no distortion. No other lens maker in the world does what we do.

Over 60% of our manufacturing processes are by hand, using highly trained technicians.

At TALEX, we're committed to craftsmanship in every aspect of production.

We adjust our manufacturing procedures and composition of raw materials to the ambient conditions: temperature, moisture, weather and season.

The most sensitive steps of our manufacturing processes are done by skilled human eyes and hands. Over 60% of our manufacturing processes are by hand. And for extreme technology-based procedures, we use the latest precision equipment. This combination of human craftsmanship and technological facility is what separates us from the usual mass-production methods.

We work this way because we want to make a lens that will protect your eyes from harmful light, and provide you with the best 'seeing' experience.

Over 6,000 quality control elements ensure only our best products make the market.

Our commitment to excellence extends from the manufacturing process to quality control. Our lenses must pass over 6,000 quality control tests, to ensure each lens provides excellent polarization and optical clarity.