Clear sight without glare!

The unique filter in TALEX polarized lenses selectively removes only the harmful rays of light, allowing you to see clearly and easily. We call it the 'noisy light-cutting filter‘ —developed and owned exclusively by TALEX.

How can TALEX make a lens that provides clear sight without glare?

There are basically two kinds of harmful light in our everyday vision. The first is glare from the sun's natural rays, which enters our eyes directly. The second is glare reflected from various surfaces like pavement, metal or water. We call this reflected glare 'noisy light'. Two means are generally used to reduce the glare passing through a lens: coloring, which reduces direct glare, and polarizing, which reduces 'noisy light'.


When a lens color is dark, less light passes through it. Darker lenses have lower 'light transmittance'.When a lens color is light, more light passes through it. Lighter lenses have higher 'light transmittance'.


The higher the degree of polarization in a lens, the more 'noisy light' is eliminated. More polarization means less 'noisy light' passing through the lens.

The challenge in making the ideal polarized lens is retaining optical clarity. The lens must eliminate all 'noisy light', but still retain clear, distortion-free vision. Over 70 years of lens making experience has provided TALEX with the technique, technology, and know-how to make the ultimate polarized lens—a lens that's pure and clear, with no distortion, and no 'noisy light'.